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The Best Way to Boost Your Travel Writing Career

Published on 28th July 2015 by Diana Nadin

Many people aspire to be travel writers – they look on it as glamorous and glitzy. But a word of warning here; until you’re established, and have a track record, hotels and airlines aren’t going to throw freebies at you. So, it’s important that you make a name for yourself if you’re going to create a career in travel writing. Here are ...

Researching Your Historical Novel

Published on 22nd July 2015 by Diana Nadin

First, you should decide what you need to know to make your novel more authentic and convincing. The next step is to think about where you can find the information you need. Thankfully, we live in a time where information is readily available and easily accessible. This means that there are a number of ways you can conduct your research. You can v...

Improving Your Grey Matter!

Published on 15th July 2015 by Diana Nadin

When you’ve enrolled on a course, it doesn’t matter how long you spend reading through your materials if you can’t remember what you read. So, here are some of the things you can do to improve your memory and make your study time more effective. First,always make notes. Don’t write out in full long passages from your course. Instead, learn ...

Top Tips For A Better Writing Environment

Published on 8th July 2015 by Diana Nadin

Whether you are lucky enough to have a room dedicated to being an office, whether you work in the spare bedroom or whether you have to work at the dining room/kitchen table – you should take steps to ensure that it’s an environment that’s conducive to concentration, reflexion and writing! If your desk is clear and free from clutter there’s ...

Presenting Your Report With Confidence

Published on 2nd July 2015 by Diana Nadin

So, you’ve written your report – all the facts correct, written in perfect English and clearly set out – and then you’re asked to stand up and present it verbally, as well as distributing it on paper. I can hear you groaning! Many otherwise confident people start to quake when they know they’ve to address an audience. It’s a peculiar th...