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Are You Assertive Enough?

Published on 16th September 2015 by Diana Nadin

Many of us just hate saying the word ‘no’ - even when we don’t want to do something or don’t feel we’ve got time to do it. It’s because deep down we don’t like to think that people will be annoyed or disappointed with us. For example, you’ve got a pile of work on your desk and it’s coming up to the weekend. Your boss asks you to ...

What Have Writing Competitions Got Going For Them?

Published on 9th September 2015 by Diana Nadin

Whether you enjoy writing short stories, flash fiction or poetry, there always seem to be plenty of competitions to enter. The only snag is that they usually charge a fee; so if you enter too many it can become expensive and you may end up asking yourself why you should bother. After all, isn’t entering a competition a bit of a gamble? Yes, it i...

Getting Your CV Off To A Good Start

Published on 3rd September 2015 by Diana Nadin

Whether you’re just leaving school, college or university and looking for your first job, or you’re more mature and looking to move on and enhance your career, preparing a good CV is essential. Certain parts of a CV are easy to put together – your personal information, details of your education and qualifications, work experience etc. Yes, I ...