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Why Should I Write for Children?

Published on 4th July 2014 by Emily Ashton

The children’s book market offers a huge range of opportunities for new writers, and if you think you’re up to the challenge then it could be the best decision you ever make. If this is something you’ve never given much thought to, then there’s no better time to give it a go! But what is it that makes writing for children so rewarding?

Most authors would agree that the best part of writing is being able to keep in touch with your readers, and as a children’s writer you’ll get a lot of chances to do this. Schools, youth groups and local libraries are always on the lookout for successful authors to come in and speak to the children, so if this is something you’d like to do then make it known that you’re open to invitations! You could use the opportunity to do a Q&A session about your books, or perhaps to speak to them about the kind of books they like and why they like them. Try to include a couple of your own stories, secrets and anecdotes so that they feel like they’re getting something extra special.

But be careful - this could be an eye-opening experience, especially for a new writer. Children can be some of the harshest critics around, and they won’t hold back in telling you what they think of your book!

Another great thing about writing for children is that there are no limits to how imaginative or creative you can be. If you have a particular talent for weird and wonderful ideas, whether they’re characters, creatures or places, you’ll find a much more responsive audience in children than in adults. As a general rule, children love to read anything out of the ordinary, so get your brain working and come up with something crazy. If you’re struggling, try using something like this Random Word Generator to get you started, and see if you can write a story to connect all the words.

And the best reason of all for becoming a children’s writer? At least one or two of them are going to remember you and remember your books for the rest of their lives. Think back to your childhood. Without a doubt there are a special few stories and characters that you still remember vividly now. It’s a great feeling to know that something you wrote is going to be remembered fondly in twenty or even fifty years’ time, so why not get started today?