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Five Reasons to Write a Memoir

Published on 24th December 2013 by Susan in Creative Writing

There was a time when writing a memoir was considered to be something only 'celebrities' did, but not anymore! Here are five great reasons why you should write a memoir:

  1. Writing a memoir is a great way to preserve your story for future generations, especially if you've done something interesting or unusual.
  2. Sharing your life-experiences helps you form a connection with the people reading your work. People can get to know the 'real you'.
  3. You can share what you've learnt in your life and help others overcome similar circumstances.
  4. You can assess your life to date, which may give you new insights about yourself and what you've achieved so far.
  5. Writing your memoir can be a real healing process. It can help you work your way through painful memories which can keep you stuck in the past.

So there you have it. Get started by digging out your old diaries and photos as well as checking out our Writing Your Memoirs and Family History Course. You just might be inspired to get writing.


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