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Is Online Learning For You?

Published on 3rd February 2014 by Shelley Bowers in Creative Writing

So, you're thinking about online learning and you're wondering if it's for you. Well, there are lots of benefits to online learning. So let's look at them one by one.

Flexibility - The first, and possibly number one, reason why people choose it, is flexibility. Online courses allow you to study when it's convenient for you - the course materials are available 24/7, so if you're like me and you prefer to study in the evenings or late at night, you can. There are no classes to attend and, with our courses, no deadlines set by us. So, not only do you study when you choose, but you also take your exams when you choose too.

Student-centred approach - What we mean by this is that you can work and learn in the way that suits you best. In a class, you have to go at the pace of the slowest learner. When you learn by yourself you can move quickly through the parts that you find easy and spend more time studying the parts that you've not completely understood. It also means that you can play music while you work if it helps, you can study in your pyjamas if that's your thing or have a hot cup of coffee and a sandwich on the go if that's what you want.

Costs are kept low - When you study online with us the costs are minimal. There's no travelling to classes, so that's a saving right there. And, unlike other courses where you have to submit your completed exams or assignments by post, there are no printing or postal costs either.

You can complete your course quickly - Online courses allow you to study quickly if you choose to. There's no waiting around for weekly classes to progress through the course. If you feel like it, and you're prepared to do the work, you can complete the courses in a week - yes, that's what I said, one week!

Immediate feedback - When you learn with us you get immediate feedback on your exams. You complete the multi-choice tests and submit your answers to us online. You'll then be given your score and the answers to questions you got wrong straight away - there's no waiting for teachers to mark work and return it to you.

Environmentally friendly - If this is a concern for you, you can feel good knowing that you are saving trees by learning online with us. There's nothing to print out so no paper is required. And, because you don't need to travel your carbon footprint is reduced too.

You learn more - Yes, it's true. There's lots of research that shows that students learn more when the teaching is computer-based. Studies carried out by Fletcher (1999), Kulik (1994), Willett, Yamashita & Anderson (1983) all confirm that students learn more with computer-based training than they do in a traditional classroom. This is backed up by a report commissioned by the American Psychological Society, published in 2000, which concluded that: 'Learners learn more using computer-based instruction than they do with conventional ways of teaching.' Andin 2001 Brandon Hall noted that online learning improved, amongst other things, the learners' ability to apply what they've learnt to a new job, retain the new information for longer periods of time and achieve higher grades.

It's pretty clear that online learning is a great way to pick up a new skill, so why not enrol with us now and see how we can help you?