The Art of Writing Poetry

Do you want to write great poetry? Then look no further. This online Poetry Course is packed with hints, tips and inspiration to help you hone your poetry writing skills. Ideal for beginners it’s also useful for the more experienced poet who wants to try something new. Whether you’re writing for your own pleasure, you want to enter competitions and win your share of the prize money or you see yourself as a performance poet, you’ll find what you need here. Read on to discover more about the course content then enrol today to start fulfilling your creative ambitions.

Course Synopsis

Getting Started

This module looks at the importance of reading other people’s poetry and shows you how to starting analysing the markets for your work. The opportunities are highlighted, and we consider sources of stimulation for your poems.

Style, Theme and Subject Matter

Everyone has their own individual style but experimentation is important. The importance of matching style and message, theme and subject matter are explained and the module ends by looking at how to select subject matter and then develop it further.

Grammar, Punctuation and Trimmings

The difference between prose and poetry is explained, together with the importance of punctuation in poetry. You are shown how metaphor and simile, allegory, personification, paradox, symbolism and imagery can all be used to build word pictures.

A Way With Words

We look at how to use the best words in the best order; dangers to avoid such as the use of clichés and old fashioned language plus how to invigorate your language by introducing new images. The importance of listening is stressed if you hope to develop your writing.

Rhythm and Rhyme

What is rhythm and why is it so important in poetry? To rhyme or not to rhyme – we explain the different types of rhyme, explain the golden rules and the dangers to avoid. Finally we look at the most popular type of poetry – free verse.


There are lots of different poetic forms ranging from sonnets to haiku and from ballads to limericks. This module looks at the rhyme schemes for a wide variety of different forms and ends by showing you how to create your very own forms to fit your ideas.

First Draft to Revision

Using a worked example, we look at where to begin, getting your first draft down, the evolving poem, coming up with a title – in fact, the whole creative process. We then move on to revision, providing a 12-point check list to follow and stressing the importance of doing this process thoroughly if you are to produce a poem that you find satisfying.

Case Studies

In this module the author examines and discusses in detail two of her poems from initial stimulus, through the first draft and extensive revision to the finished piece.

Poems for Special Occasions and Special People

Here we look at commemorating events and writing to commission. We highlight the dos and don’ts of writing for friends’ special occasions! Collaborating with other poets, writing for children, writing verses for greetings cards and lyrics are explained and we end with tips on preforming or recording your work.

Publication of your work

You are shown how to research the markets for poetry, how to target suitable publications or websites, how to present and submit your work, how to assemble a poetry collection and the pros and cons of self-publishing.

Entering Competitions

First we look at the different types of competitions that are out there. Then you are advised on selecting appropriate material, submitting your poems and making sure you follow the rules. The author – an experienced competition adjudicator – then gives her 12 essential guidelines for success.

Poetry and Performance

In this final module we show you how to put together a balanced and varied programme; how to avoid convoluted sentences and ensure that your poems are easy to say; how to deliver your material; how to introduce an element of theatricality and how to maintain your audience’s interest and ensure their appreciation.

Tutor-marked Assignment

Your assignment will give you the chance to practise everything you have learnt in the course. Your tutor will give you invaluable feedback that will help you to develop you poetry writing skills.

As you can see, you'll learn everything you need to know to write great poems, enter competitions, get published or even go out and perform with them. So, if you want to make your poems stand out then enrol today!

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The Art of Writing Poetry

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By taking this course you’ll gain all the tools to make your project a success. And, it only takes a few minutes to get started.