Short Story Writing Course

Learn how to create wonderfully engaging short stories with this seven-module, online course. It’s bursting with useful information, hints and tips to help you write stories that inspire and delight. And, we’ll also show you how to present them to publishers in a professional way to maximise your chances of publication and earn some extra cash – so enrol today.

"I found the course helpful, interesting and informative."
Nancy Beatie, Shropshire.

Course Synopsis

Making A Writer Out of You

This is where we say ‘Hello!’ You’ll learn how to proceed with your course, including ideas on the best ways to study, what equipment you’ll need and how to get organised. And, we’ll look at the qualities you’ll need to succeed as a writer, including how to cope with rejection.

Creating Credible Characters

This module focuses on character development. You’ll learn how to give your characters credibility: physical descriptions and mannerisms, which help to bring them to life. Plus, there’ll be tips on helping your imagination, choosing names and additional thoughts on your protagonists.

Effective Dialogue

Next you’ll move onto dialogue; focussing on its functions, including how it can be used to drive the story forward, add excitement and inject pace. And, we’ll show you how to keep the dialogue sounding real. You’ll finish off this module with a look at the differences between direct and indirect speech, dialogue tags, slang/swearing/dialect/foreign accents and how to punctuate dialogue.

Plotting and Writing the Short Story

Now it’s time to look at the difference between plot and theme. Then you’ll move on to examining the beginning, middle and end of the story, looking at how to be critical of your writing and the best ways to assess the style and content. We’ll also look at atmospheric images, mood, perspective and using all five senses to make your writing come alive. Next, you’ll learn how to assess the first draft and what checklists you need for the second. And finally, you’ll work through how to structure the story, why you need to employ ruthless editing and re-writing techniques and how to go about finding out what others think of your story.

Researching the Market and Submitting Your Work

This module shows you how to find markets for your work. So, you’ll start with research, looking at literary magazines, small press magazines, women’s magazines and the Internet. Then we’ll examine the different types of short story, looking at romance and relationships, twist-enders, flash fiction, true life stories, erotica, horror, science fiction, children’s stories, titles and taboos. Then you’ll move on to entering competitions, submitting your stories and dealing with the dreaded rejections.

Short Stories for Radio

Here you’ll look at the markets available for short stories on the radio and also story length, colour, plot, dialogue, pace, viewpoint and content.

Promoting Yourself and Your Work Online

The final module shows you how to promote yourself and your work online, so you’ll look at social networking, creating an online author presence, Facebook, My Space, Linked in, forums, Twitter, viral marketing, YouTube clips and author podcasts. It also covers blogging, including how to make your posts count, what types of posts to write and how to promote your blog. Then we’ll move on to websites, the benefits of having one, the pros and cons of free and paid website hosting, why you should have a good biography and sample pages of your work. To finish we’ll cover how to include sales links and links to reviews of your work.

Tutor-marked Assignment

Your assignment will give you the chance to practise everything you have learnt in the course. Your tutor will give you invaluable feedback that will help you to produce work that you can send of to editors or competitions with confidence.

Learn How To Write Short Stories

If you want to write short stories then you've come to the right place. This online short story writing course will show you all the clever tips and tricks the professionals use to make your stories stand out from the crowd.

From characterisation to effective dialogue, plotting to choosing a genre this course has got it all. You are taken step-by-step through the process of writing stories as well as having plenty of examples and exercises to help you develop your writing skills. By the end of module four you'll know how to write a short story that will grab your reader and keep them gripped to the end.

Learn How To Sell Short Stories

Not only do you learn how to write cracking short stories you also learn how to earn some extra cash from them as well. You are shown how to approach magazines to sell your stories, how to find, enter and increase your chances of winning competitions as well as exploring the opportunities that are available on the radio. Plus, you'll learn about the plethora of outlets online.

Learn How To Build A Fan Base

But that's not all. This online short story writing course finishes off by showing you how to promote yourself and your writing. You learn how to build a fan base by using free Internet platforms like Facebook and Twitter and it will help you to decide on the sort of website you'll need.

Take a look at the synopsis below and you'll see that it's one of the most comprehensive short story writing courses online.

Your Tutor Marked Assignment

As well as all the writing exercises you also have multiple choice exams to help reinforce what you have learnt. However, with a writing course you also want some writing assessed as well. At the end of your course you get the opportunity to send in a short story of 4000 words or two short stories of up to 2000 words for assessment by a professional writer. They will give you constructive comment on your writing as well as advising you on the suitability of your work for your chosen market. This feedback is incredibly valuable and an essential part of your development as a writer.

Study At Home Or On The Move

Your course materials are delivered on our online platform and are best viewed on a pad or desk top. Because of this you can enrol anytime of day or night and have instant access to your course materials. As long as you are connected to the internet you can also study where and when you like - even on the move.

Your Certificate

On successful completion of all your multiple choice exams you will be able to download your Course Completion Certificate. It's in a handy A4 size so you can print it off at home for easy filing or displaying on your wall.

But the best reward will be when you complete your story and see it published or placed in a competition. A portfolio of published work is the true mark of a writer's success.

Enrol On Your Online Short Story Course Today

If you want to write short stories or find out how to improve what you've already written then this online course is for you.

Your course gives you:

  • Instruction from experts - writers who have been successful in writing short stories.
  • Exercises to help develop your writer's muscle.
  • Guidance on finding markets for your work.
  • Help on building a fan base.
  • Feedback on your stories from a professional writer.

Plus, you have seven days from enrolment to decide if this course is for you. Providing you haven't completed any multiple-choice exams then you can cancel your course in this time. No quibble.

So, get started today. Enrol on your online Short Story Writing Course by clicking the enrol link below.

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Short Story Writing Course

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The Online Learning Circle Certificate of Completion

Example Certificate

The Online Learning Circle Certificate of Completion will be available for you to download and print out once you’ve successfully passed the five multiple choice self-tests. You’ll need to achieve a mark of 70% or above to pass the exam. However, if you don’t manage it the first time, it’s no problem, just go back, study some more and retake the exam when you are ready. In fact, we are so keen for you to complete the course successfully, you can take the exams as many times as you need to reach the 70% pass mark. Once you’ve achieved the required pass mark, you’ll be given access to correct answers for all the questions so you can see where you went wrong.

Learn How to Publish Your Writing

We know that learning how to publish you work is all part of becoming a writer, even if it's not high on your list of priorities when you start out. So, no matter which of our writing courses you choose, we make sure you have all the information you need for when you're ready to take the publishing plunge.

You’ll learn how to:

  • do your market research
  • present your manuscript
  • approach editors and publishers like a professional
  • protect your copyright
  • decide if you want to self-publish or get paid

Whether you are writing articles, your novel, short stories, your memoirs or your family history you can be confident you'll have professional guidance at your fingertips to give you the best chance of seeing your work published.

By taking this course you’ll gain all the tools to make your project a success. And, it only takes a few minutes to get started.