Effective Time Management

If you dream of having more hours in the day then this is the perfect course for you. You’ll discover where your time goes and then learn to re-organise so you can get through your daily work-load and still have time for yourself. By following the advice in the course you’ll soon feel more in control and much more relaxed. It could literally change your life. So enrol today!

Course Overview

How Effective Time Management Can Help You

Be less stressed and get more done. That, in a nutshell, is what managing your time effectively can do for you. And we’ll give you all the techniques you need in this information-packed online course.

You’ll learn how to make the most of the time you have available and how to achieve a good balance between work, family and hobbies. This means you can do all the things you want to do whilst still giving those you love the attention they need. But that’s not all! Being able to manage your time well has a number of other benefits too, including:

  • being more effective at your job which could lead to promotion and higher pay
  • experiencing less stress
  • having increased levels of self-esteem
  • getting nearer to achieving your aspirations and ambitions
  • being happier and more contented with your life

That’s a pretty impressive list and one that you could be achieving very soon if you enrol on this course.

Your course is written by experts and is packed full of useful information that can make a massive difference to your everyday life. You’ll learn how to monitor your time, including details on setting up and using a time diary, as well as a number of key strategies to help you manage your time better.

By the end of the course you’ll feel like you’ve taken back control of your life, so you can do the things you love as well as those you need to do. So, what are you waiting for? This course is the perfect way to get started.

Your Course

Your course is designed to help you improve your time management skills. You don’t need any qualifications or prior training to enrol as the course is comprehensive, easy to understand and written for those who have no previous knowledge of time management.

Once you’ve enrolled, your seven course modules are available online in the student area. The modules are ideal for viewing on tablets, as well as on your PC, so you can study where and when you please.

Summary of Course

The course will deal with all aspects of time management, including how to:

  • identify stress and the health implications associated with it
  • understand how you currently work and what needs to change
  • have a clear desk policy, and the benefits of an annual ‘spring clean’
  • de-clutter your life
  • learn to be assertive so you don’t feel you always have to say ‘yes’ to the demands of others
  • set SMART goals
  • implement filing systems at home and at work that help you to organise your life more effectively.

As well as the course modules there are a series of Time Plans which help you to analyse how you currently work and plan your time more effectively. These will help you to put into practice what you learn so you can change your life for the better.

Your Exam

Because the Time Plans are so effective in getting you to analyse where you are going wrong and, more importantly, how to put it right there’s only one exam to complete to achieve your certificate. But don’t worry – you can take it as many times as you like, and once you’ve passed we’ll show you the correct answer to any questions you got wrong.

You have one year’s access to the exam, which is more than enough time to complete the course. Plus, having a time-limit works wonders for your motivation! And, if you’ve not logged in for 30 days, we’ll send you a gentle reminder email to get you going again.

Your Tutor-Marked Assignment

As well as your multiple-choice exam you have the option to send in an assignment at the end of your studies. This will be marked by one of our specially trained tutors.

Your tutor for this course will be someone who knows all about time management so you can be confident that the feedback you’ll receive is authoritative and well informed. Your tutor will give you constructive comment on your work so you’ll know what your strengths are and where your weaknesses lie.

The feedback you receive will help you plan your time more effectively and take control of your life. We’re sure you’ll find this a valuable part of your course.

Course Extras

As well as your course modules, you have access to a wide range of support materials, which are added to on a regular basis. There is also a student notice board so you can communicate with other students.

Then there’s our team of experienced student advisors. If you have questions, experience problems with your course materials or just need a friendly ear, simply contact us by email or phone.

Enrolling is Easy!

Now you know how you can benefit from this course, enrol today and start studying immediately!

All you have to do is click the enrol button below, fill in your details and complete the transaction with your debit or credit card. As soon as your payment has gone through you can log in to the student area and start your Effective Time Management Course.

Enrol Today

Effective Time Management

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Additional Resources

Learn About Your Certificate

The Online Learning Circle Certificate of Completion

Example Certificate

The Online Learning Circle Certificate of Completion will be available for you to download and print out once you’ve successfully passed the five multiple choice self-tests. You’ll need to achieve a mark of 70% or above to pass the exam. However, if you don’t manage it the first time, it’s no problem, just go back, study some more and retake the exam when you are ready. In fact, we are so keen for you to complete the course successfully, you can take the exams as many times as you need to reach the 70% pass mark. Once you’ve achieved the required pass mark, you’ll be given access to correct answers for all the questions so you can see where you went wrong.

By taking this course you’ll gain all the tools to make your project a success. And, it only takes a few minutes to get started.