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If you've ever dreamt of writing a novel, then you've come to the right place. Everything you need to know about producing your own book is in this information-packed online novel writing course. With feedback from a professional writer you'll learn how to research, organise and transform an idea into a captivating read, professionally presented, ready for publication. It's the perfect guide to getting your book written, published and sold.

Course Overview

How to Write, Publish and Sell Your Novel

Many people dream of writing a novel but never take it any further. But you’re different. You’re looking for some help - and you’ve found it. The Writing Your Novel Course is just what you need to make your dream a reality.

Writing a novel is the marathon of the writing world. But don’t let that put you off. With the right approach, proper planning and preparation you’ll be able to cross the finish line and complete your novel. Even if you’re a total beginner.

That’s because with the Writing Your Novel Course you’ve found the perfect trainer to get you fully fit to take on the challenge. For only £149 you’ll learn everything you need to transform your dream into a fantastic page turner.

Writing Your Novel

Firstly, the course will make you eager to sit down and write your novel as it did for June Whittle from London who wrote to us saying:

June Whittle

“I've been trying to write a novel since last year. It was my first attempt so I wasn't sure I was on the right track. Anyway, when I started the 'Write Your Novel' course, it all became clear I wasn't writing my novel properly. I'm not even half way through yet, but I'm learning so many essential things. I'm excited about writing my novel. Thank you so much for this course.”

June Whittle, London.

Getting Published

But that’s not all. We don’t just show you how to write your novel and stop there. After all, if you’re going to spend your time crafting your book you want people to read it. So, we’ve dedicated two of the ten modules of your course to showing you how to get your novel published either by a conventional publisher or by doing it yourself.

Marketing Yourself and Your Novel

And, there’s even more. Once you’ve published your book we’ll show how to market it to drive up your sales. Plus, we show you how to market yourself as a writer so you can build a following and get more writing work.

As you can see, you’re getting the full package - from turning your idea into a novel to becoming a successful, published author with a future.

You can enrol right now to get started. It’s easy. Simply click the link on the top right hand side of this page, fill in your details and you’ll have access to your course materials straightaway.

Your Course

The Online Learning Circle’s Writing Your Novel Course has been created by experts who’ve made their living writing novels so you can be confident they know how to guide you.

They show you how to:

  • set up your writing space
  • decide in which genre to write
  • plan and prepare your novel
  • develop your novel writing style
  • plot your storyline
  • develop your characters
  • write dialogue
  • set the scene
  • create atmosphere
  • review and revise your work
  • carry out market research to find publishers or agents
  • self-publish
  • deal with the essential legal aspects and contracts
  • sell and promote yourself and your novel.

All that information in only 10 modules. They really are jam-packed! For a more detailed breakdown of your course check out the course synopsis.

Convenient to Study

Once you’ve enrolled, your course modules are available online, in the student area. The modules are ideal for viewing on tablets, as well as on your computer screen, so you can study when and where you please – fitting your studies around your life-style.

However, your course isn’t simply an online book. You also have five multiple-choice tests, so you can check that you’ve taken on board and understood the course materials.

But all the reading and test taking in the world isn’t going to get your novel written. So, the final part of the Writing Your Novel Course is where the real value lies. This is in the tutor-marked assignment. Let’s tell you more about it.

Your Tutor-Marked Assignment

Your assignment is designed to kick-start your novel. You’ll be encouraged to develop the story line, write biographies for the major characters and write the first chapter. Once you’ve completed the assignment you send it, by email, to your tutor for feedback.

Your tutor for this course will be a professional writer and published novelist so the feedback you receive is authoritative and well informed. Your tutor will give you constructive comment on your work so you’ll know what your strengths are and where your weaknesses lie. They will also give you any advice they feel is necessary to help you develop your novel further.

The feedback you receive will be invaluable to your development as a writer and gives you the chance to have your work reviewed by someone who understands the intricacies of planning and writing a novel.

Sign me up NOW! I want to start my novel.

Your Seven-Day Trial

To show you how confident we are that you’ll find your course modules invaluable we give you seven days to review them. If for any reason you no longer wish to continue with your course, simply let us know within seven days of enrolling and we’ll cancel your course and return your fees. No arguments from us providing you’ve not taken any tests or submitted your assignment.

Your Certificate

Your Certificate of Completion is awarded once you’ve finished all the modules and passed all your tests. You’ll need to achieve a mark of 70% or above to pass but, if you don’t manage it the first time, it’s no problem. Just go back, study some more and retake the test when you are ready.

You can take the tests as many times as you need to reach the 70% pass mark. And, once you’ve achieved this, you’ll be given access to correct answers for all the questions so you can see where you went wrong.

Course Extras

As well as your course modules, you have access to a wide range of support materials. These are updated and expanded on a regular basis, meaning you have access to the latest information. We’ve also included a student notice board, so you can communicate with other students.

And finally, there’s the assistance you’ll receive from our experienced team of student advisors. If you have questions, experience problems with your course materials or just need a friendly ear, simply contact us by email or phone.

Ready to sign-up? Simply click on the ‘enrol now’ link at the top of this page and start straightaway!

To Sum Up

Here are twelve great reasons why you can enrol on the Writing Your Novel Course with total confidence.

  1. You get a first-class course written by successful authors.
  2. You receive expert feedback from you tutor – a professional writer and published novelist.
  3. Seven days to check over the course materials to make sure they suit you. If they don’t you’ll get your money back.
  4. Help and advice from our student advisory team.
  5. A full twelve months to complete your course with access to the course materials for as long as you need them.
  6. Your tutor-marked assignment will kick-start your novel into life.
  7. Expert guidance on how to get your novel published.
  8. Instruction on how to promote yourself and your novel.
  9. Access to the course materials as soon as you enrol.
  10. Your course materials are available online, formatted for pads and mobile as well as your desk top, so you can study where and when you please.
  11. You are awarded a Certificate of Completion as proof of your studies.
  12. Communicate with other students on the student notice board.

All this for only £149. It’s an absolute bargain. So, grab this opportunity to make your novel writing dreams come true by enrolling on the Writing Your Novel Course today.

You’ll Never Look Back

Seize this chance to start your novel. The time to do it is right here, right now. You’ve searched for this course. You’ve found this course. Don’t walk away and in the future think ‘what if...’

By enrolling today you’re making a commitment to yourself and your dream. And that commitment means you are more likely to succeed in achieving that dream.

So, be brave. Be unlike those others who just sit around not doing anything about their goals. They’ll never get their novels written. Instead, you could be happily typing away, bringing life to your characters and then, this time next year, holding your finished novel in your hands. Wouldn’t that be great?

Enrolling is Easy

All you have to do is click the enrol button below, fill in your details and complete the transaction with your debit or credit card. As soon as your payment has gone through you can log in to the student area and start the Writing Your Novel Course, and take those first steps to making your novel a reality.

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Novel Writing Online Course

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The Online Learning Circle Certificate of Completion

Example Certificate

The Online Learning Circle Certificate of Completion will be available for you to download and print out once you’ve successfully passed the five multiple choice self-tests. You’ll need to achieve a mark of 70% or above to pass the exam. However, if you don’t manage it the first time, it’s no problem, just go back, study some more and retake the exam when you are ready. In fact, we are so keen for you to complete the course successfully, you can take the exams as many times as you need to reach the 70% pass mark. Once you’ve achieved the required pass mark, you’ll be given access to correct answers for all the questions so you can see where you went wrong.

Learn How to Publish Your Writing

We know that learning how to publish you work is all part of becoming a writer, even if it's not high on your list of priorities when you start out. So, no matter which of our writing courses you choose, we make sure you have all the information you need for when you're ready to take the publishing plunge.

You’ll learn how to:

  • do your market research
  • present your manuscript
  • approach editors and publishers like a professional
  • protect your copyright
  • decide if you want to self-publish or get paid

Whether you are writing articles, your novel, short stories, your memoirs or your family history you can be confident you'll have professional guidance at your fingertips to give you the best chance of seeing your work published.

By taking this course you’ll gain all the tools to make your project a success. And, it only takes a few minutes to get started.