Business Courses

Employers value people who can show they are keen to learn and willing to put time into improving their skills. So, by taking a course not only do you polish-up your skills for the workplace but you also improve your career prospects.

These courses are ideal for your Continuing Professional Development. The online learning platform makes studying convenient so you can learn when and where you please. Plus, you can download a certificate on successful completion of your exams as proof of your learning.

Anyone can take our courses. No prior experience or qualifications are needed to enrol. They are specifically designed for self-study and are easy to follow.

All the courses are written by experts and are packed with information, tips and techniques you’ll find useful at work and at home.

So, if you want to improve your career prospects choose your course and enrol today.

Other Course Types Available
Effective Time Management Effective Time Management

If you dream of having more hours in the day then this is the perfect course for you. You’ll discover where your time goes and then learn to re-organise so you can get through your daily work-load and still have time for yourself. By following the advice in the course you’ll soon feel more in control and much more relaxed. It could literally change your life. So enrol today!

Business Writing Course Business Writing Course

Boost your career prospects with great writing skills for business. This seven module certificate course contains everything you need to make your business writing professional and polished. You cover writing style and techniques for emails, sales letters, press releases, reports, agendas, minutes plus much more. You also learn how to create a CV that will impress. On completion, your new business writing skills will give you the confidence to take your career to the next level. So, enrol today!

Report Writing Course Report Writing Course

Improve your career prospects by learning to write clear, professional reports with this informative, step-by-step course. We’ll show you how to carry out research, what writing styles to use and how to plan and present your findings. By the time you’ve finished, you’ll be producing comprehensive, polished reports as and when required! So, have a read through the course synopsis below to see how this course can help you. Then enrol today and start studying straightaway!

Professional Sales Techniques Course Professional Sales Techniques Course

Fancy a job where you meet lots of interesting people, have variety in your work and the chance to earn lots of money? Yes? Then you’ll love a career in sales. Companies need people to sell their products and services to thrive, so good sales people are always in high demand. But, to be successful, you need to know what you’re doing. This course in Professional Sales Techniques will reveal the secrets of successful selling so you can develop a rewarding career for yourself. If you’re ambitious and want to get ahead - enrol today!