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Published on 16th April 2014 by Shelley Bowers in Creative Writing

So, you fancy writing articles and you know that they are one of the quickest ways to get published, but where do you start? Well, if you Google writing articles, you are no doubt going to be presented with a list of what are commonly known as content mills, which are places where you can, generally, find low paying jobs. Here's an article with some of the best content mills around - 5 Best Content Mills for Making Money Online. There are some people who swear by them as a means of getting some published work under your belt. But, there are others who think it's not worth your time and effort for the wage they are paying. Plus, many don't give you a by-line and, in fact, some actually prevent you from even telling people the copy is yours.

Before you make up your mind about content mills, have a read of this:

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