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The Back-to-work Blues

Published on 7th January 2015 by Diana Nadin

January can be a very depressing month. After all the fun and excitement of Christmas and a break from routine it’s back to doing the same old thing, in the same old job for most people. Plus, in the UK, the weather is usually pretty grim!

But, there are one or two things you can do about it. First, if you’re really dissatisfied with your job you can start looking round for something new and start polishing your CV. Start visiting the online job sites, looking through your local paper or scanning the trade magazines that relate to the industry you work in. Before you actually apply for a job, though, make sure that you have updated your CV and that it is presented in a clean, modern way.

If you’re a bit bored but don’t want to leave your current employer you could keep a lookout for other jobs within the organisation that you feel you could apply for. Or, you could just quietly take on a few new tasks and added responsibility in your current job. But when the annual appraisal or salary review comes round make sure that your boss knows what you’re capable of – it can be a good way forward!

Along the same lines you could improve your skills by enrolling on a course. Why not ask if work will sponsor you? It could be a course to improve your writing skills or help you to prepare better reports. So, your employer will benefit from what you learn. But if they won’t pay for you, then look on it as an investment in your future - something that will help you to get a better job or promotion.

These are all quite serious undertakings but there are some simpler things that you can do to make work less tedious. Why not try having a chat with people that you wouldn’t normally talk to? I don’t mean waste their time or yours – but getting to know new people is interesting and expands your horizons.

Why not try to use your time more effectively? If you keep your desk tidy and plan your day efficiently you’ll feel less reluctant to go into work.

And finally, make an effort to get away from your desk at lunchtime – go for a walk, do breathing exercises and relax. It’ll make the afternoon seem shorter and less stressful. I know none of these things will revolutionize your life – but even trying just one of them is a step in the right direction!